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    Are you a bulk-account holder with a major cable company? If so, there's a good chance your contract includes a community channel. Are you struggling to update your channel? Need to put it on the web? Faced with expensive equipment costs? Need repairs or replacements? We can help!

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    What We Offer

    Call on CCS for:

    • Competitive quotes on media players and AV gear
    • Installation on site or at the cable operator
    • Professional photography & video
    • Equipment repair
    • Training on any technology or process
    • Security, Surveillance, and Access Control
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    Our Services

    Private Television Channel
    In almost all bulk account agreements for multiple dwelling complexes, the cable or satellite company will provide a community channel.
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    Digital Signage
    Increase sales, profits, and productivity with a digital sign at the point of service. We can show you how to design a signage strategy that communicates, entertains, engages, and improves customer satisfaction.
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    Video Surveillance
    Is your video system out of date? Would you like to add locations? We provide system design, competitive pricing, and maintenance contracts. Let Community Channel Services help you increase security and reduce costs.
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    Voice, Data, and Video Consulting
    We've designed, installed, and maintained many networks and wiring systems. If you are in need of a voice system overhaul, we're connected to the best small-business teams in the area.
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  • Projects Gallery

    • The Enclave
      The Enclave, in Delray Beach needed a community channel. We called Comcast and they installed their equipment. We then installed our system and produced over twenty slides, added music and set up a training site for the Enclave employees.

      We now produce and install new slides on order.

    • The Gateway Club Apartments
      Located in Boynton Beach, we won the contract to replace both their security surveillance system and community channel.

    • Technology Training
      Since 2002, we've been designing and delivering cutting-edge training materials. Your digital signs can be used after hours to train your staff and create a culture of values that you want to develop. Let us show you how to convert your existing training into a more effective medium.

  • Bios

    Doug Marlowe
    Managing Director

    With an Engineering degree and over 30 years in delivering marketing communications for Fortune 500 and small business alike, Doug brings a wealth of experience to help you strengthen your brand.

    His years of designing and delivering technology solutions that improve profits and reduce costs will help you do the same for your organization.

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    Celia Marlowe
    Copywriter and Editor

    Celia wrote and edited hundreds of class synopses for the College of DuPage course catalog in Illinois. Her English skills help us to maintain a high quality of output. Editing for clarity, brevity, and proper English-language use is just one of the advanced services we provide.

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    Community Channel Services
    11 Capri A, Delray Beach, FL 33484
    Telephone: 1 309 310 7245 | Fax: 1 612 233 3131
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  • Private Television Channel

    Heathcare and Eldercare Facilities
    Imagine playing a movie so everyone can watch in their own room. Display the day's activities and menus. Introduce staff with short interviews. Discuss the rules. The possibilities are endless.

    Residential Complexes
    Engage, entertain, and inform your residents with a private television channel. Post events, community features, schedules, classes, items for sale, and rules.

    We make it easy
    Our automated systems allow you to design and post text, videos, pictures, and slideshows for replay over your private television channel. We connect right to the gear from the cable or satellite company. We used to work for these companies - we know video! We know design!

    We provide South Florida's apartment complexes with private TV channels channels over their bulk-account lineups with Comcast, Direct TV, and others. If you are a property manager, dealing with hundreds of residents, you want to make sure that your message reaches them all. A great way to communicate is with your Comcast or Satellite bulk-contract "Community Channel." In South Florida it's usually channel 63.
    Here are just a few ways to use your community channel
    • Welcome new residents and improve your community's "Likability" rankings.
    • Educate residents about the amenities and rules
    • Encourage interaction and improve safety
    • Advertise local businesses
    • Help your residents advertise their home-based businesses
    • Improve communications
    • Avoid misunderstandings and increase satisfaction
    • Provide Emergency Information
    • Keep an "Emergency" slide show ready to run as the need arises. We work with Comcast and your satellite provider to arrange for any equipment installation or upgrades.
  • Digital Signage

    Quick and Effective
    It is as simple as a flat-screen display at the lobby desk or as elaborate as multiple large-screen monitors. Digital signage can welcome, inform, engage, and entertain your residents and visitors. It is the new way to effectively update information quickly and economically.

    With displays designed to fit any decor, digital signage can be used to display an extensive art or photograpy collection. Use it to mix media with stills and videos. You can even access Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix.

    Call for a demo, today! 309-310-7245.
    We'll be happy to work with you to listen, observe and demonstrate how our solutions can help you overcome many obstacles to resident and employee issues.

  • Video Surveillance Solutions

    Apartment Complex Surveillance
    Economical solutions to capture video from the gate, trash, pool, spa, and gym.

    iPhone and Android Applications
    We'll show you how to watch what's going on at home or office right on your phone!

  • Voice, Video, and Telephony Consulting

    No job too small or large. We do Analog and IP phones, Ethernet, fiber, and coax

    Is it time to move your telephone network to the cloud? Many clients are using Skype to provide low-cost multi-feature services. Already have a PBX? We can assist you in comparing service providers for T1 and PRIs from Earthlink, Comcast, and AT&T.

    Confused about the role Smartphones and tablets can play within your company? Call us and we'll help you through the maze of possibilities.

    Do you need to understand which video technology is right for your business? If you are wondering if you should have your own TV channel or post YouTube videos, we can help you decide. Need help with scripts, finding talent, music, production, or editing? Call us.

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